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An Overview of Data Center Physical Infrastructure

The physical infrastructure in the data center is the base of the pyramid upon which all computing, network and storage resources rest, and upon which all business critical applications rely. If the physical infrastructure is not ready to handle server consolidation, for example, this could create serious problems. It would be like trying to redo the foundation after the house is built. Building the right physical infrastructure is not a one-time undertaking and it means building something that is flexible and can adapt as the business requirements change, and as the application mix changes. Those dynamics are consistently changing. Whether it's a multi-megawatt data center, a small LAN room, or even a small wiring closet with a VoIP switch deployment, equipment has to operate successfully and depends on the power, cooling, and physical infrastructure that supports it. That is what is meant by Network-Critical Physical Infrastructure (NCPI). It is the foundation one layer below the physical IT equipment like the servers, or switches. Course Credits: * This course has been approved by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) for one (1) PDH * This course is recognized for continuing education credit from IFMA for CFM/FMP Maintenance Points.
* Recognize the importance of having a solid Network-Critical Physical Infrastructure (NCPI) * Define NCPI * Describe the seven elements of NCPI * Identify the challenges associated with the seven NCPI elements * Discuss best practices associated with the seven NCPI elements
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